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 Game Schedules - SPRING 2024

SPRING 2024 Division IV

The Game schedules are up to the right of the page under Game Schedules - Spring 2024.  The teams are listed by coach name and team color for easy reference. The schedule may change for picture day and the games may start late and/or have a shortened period so everyone can get their pictures done BEFORE their game so they can look their best!

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NOTE: Field 4 located between Field 1 and 3


STYSA Policy on Heading the Ball

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Know the Laws of Soccer

Lightning Policy Review


PLEASE NOTE: If lightning is seen or thunder is heard and it is close than 10 miles, everyone MUST clear the fields and go into their cars (not by them) for 30 minutes from last lightning strike or thunder.  THIS IS REQUIRED OF EVERYONE and you can have practices revoked for not complying with this REQUIREMENT.  This is for the safety of everyone involved and this is the policy.

Site Last Updated 01/08/2024

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