SPRING 2021 Season

Registrations for the Elgin Youth Soccer Association Spring 2021 season are now closed.  For any potential room on a team, please contact EYSA through Facebook messenger.



See Facebook page for details and updates.

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 Game Schedules - SPRING 2021



Elgin Youth Soccer Association applied for and was granted funds from Target, the retail company, for their youth sports grant program.  The Funds were used for fields improvements for the players use.  Feel free to send a Thank you to Target or buy something from them so they can continue to provide local community support.



STYSA Policy on Heading the Ball

The Volunteer 

The coaches in Elgin are all volunteers and may most likely they are a parent to one of the players.  Many soccer associations are run by volunteers that dedicate not only time, sweat, and money, they also give a lot of their heart and soul to make an environment that is fun, competitive, and educational.  Many parents do not understand how much a volunteer coach does for a team.  The coach sets up practice schedules, may hold several coaching certificates and national licenses that they spent their own time to get in order to be better at what they do.  The coach sets up a line up and when no one lets the coach know that a player cannot make it, they must make last minute adjustments.  For any one hour your child spends with them, the coach has already spent that much time thinking about the practice or game and even writing down notes.  During practice, the coach also takes the time to work with the kids as much as they can, given the time constraints to which they are limited to in practice.  Your child may be only 7 years old but may have a coach that coaches a competitive division 1 team or has had experience coaching at that level.  Your coach may be heading to that level soon with your child as well.  There are many select teams that are competing with, and many times, beating, coaches that are paid to be there.  Keep in mind, a volunteer coach is always learning something every time they are on the soccer field about how they can do their job better, but the pay is always the same, nothing.

The coach is supported by many people that make their job possible, the youth sports board members.  These are individuals that you can easily say “If you want something done, give it to the busy person”.  The board members have regular jobs and family time and requirements just like any parent does.  Many of the board members are also coaches, referees, team moms, team managers, and generally there to support in multiple capacities.  They make the time in their own busy schedules to ensure that everyone’s kid has fun and has a safe environment to participate in youth sports.  The only time anyone talks about the board in a youth sports is to complain about something.  Seldom does some one on the board hear that the 20 plus hours they put in over the summer to make sure the fields were in a playable condition for opening day in the Fall is appreciated.  No one say thank you to the person that puts in 40 plus hours to registrar players and verifying ages and trying to get all the kids that want to play somewhere.  No one appreciates the time spent getting players trained to be referees and spends time and money to make sure it happens.  The board members know they work for the kids and that is the reason why they continue to do their job thanklessly, costing them their own time and money the same as the coaches. 

These volunteers know that the child’s safety comes first, and the fun comes second.  Someone in there, the board members and coaches are also teaching life lessons to the youth.  You don’t always win and if you do win, you respect your opponent for making you work hard to earn the win.  These coaches have to go through background checks and several hours of youth sports safety training including concussion protocol and child molestation recognition training on their own time.  In the end, when you see one of the volunteers or volunteer coaches out in public, their only reward is to hear a parent or a player say “hello” or “hello coach” and know that  they have helped another person in the life lessons of working hard as a team to achieve a cooperative goal.

Thank you to all the hard-working volunteers that make Elgin Youth Soccer successful season after season!

James Sides

President EYSA

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NOTE: 4U Fields located between Field 1 and 3

Last Updated 06/10/2020

Where are my pictures?

Please contact your coach or send a message to Facebook for an automated response on how to get your pictures.

Lightning Policy Review


PLEASE NOTE: If lightning is seen or thunder is heard and it is close than 10 miles, everyone MUST clear the fields and go into their cars (not by them) for 30 minutes from last lightning strike or thunder.  THIS IS REQUIRED OF EVERYONE and you can have practices revoked for not complying with this REQUIREMENT.  This is for the safety of everyone involved and this is the policy.


NOTES: Players sit on inside of the field.  Spectators sit on the outside of the field.  Masks and social distancing required.  Spectators can sit inside cars without masks.   Spectators must wait for the field to be cleared from the prior game even if on a different field for the same age group before getting on the field.

While the Governor of Texas has lifted a State-Wide Mask Requirement, the local Soccer Organizations are allowed to enforce such requirements under the same announcement.