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Player Safety

Field/Outdoor Safety

We do our best to maintain our fields for the safety of our players.  However, if you noticed a safety hazard on one of our fields, please notify the field coordinator right away.


Rain Policy:


For any rain outs, check the Facebook page and watch for notices from your coach.  We do not cancel games unless the fields and/or parking lot are really bad or for lightning.


Lightning Policy:


Games may be delayed or cancelled due to lightening.  Lightning cancellations/delays occur when a lightning bolt is seen.   When lightning is detected, we will clear the fields to the cars in the parking lot and will not start again until the lightning has stopped for 30 consecutive minutes from the last strike.

Heat/Water Safety

Remember to protect your child/players from the heat by applying sunscreen throughout the day.  Sunburn can happen even on a cloudy day.  Try to keep your child/players in the shade when possible and make sure they stay hydrated.

Hotel Safety (For Traveling Teams)

Plan Ahead:


The coach should have a complete list of all players traveling for each trip.  It is a good idea to have a room list for all players as well.  Make sure all players are clear on curfews, rules, codes of conduct, and contact information for coaches and chaperones.


Use The Buddy System:


No player should leave their room or the hotel without a buddy (preferably an adult) and without notifying a coach or chaperone.


Other Safety Tips:


  • Never answer the door without verifying who it is.


  • Never give out your room information or share it with anyone where it can be overheard by others.


  • Keep your personal information secure at all times.


  • Make sure to keep your hotel door locked at all times.


  • Always be aware of your surroundings.


  • Have an emergency plan.  Know where the nearest exit is and have a designated meeting plan.

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