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Parent Information

Know the Laws of Soccer

Positive Parenting

Help us to ensure that all of our players have a positive soccer experience.  Please remember to keep your comments positive during practices and games.  EYSA also expects all parents to promote and support our "Play FAIR" initiative.


Help your child keep their commitment to their soccer team by getting them to practices and games on time and encouraging them to give 100% effort during games.

Sideline Coaching

Sideline coaching is strictly prohibited by EYSA.  Sideline coaching refers to any coaching from the parents' side of the field.  We ask that parents leave the coaching to the actual coach.  Sideline coaching confuses the players and can be detrimental to a player's self esteem.

Game Behavior

Support and cheer all players on your child's team.  This will show your child that everything that happens on the field is truly a team effort.  Please remember that soccer is a team sport.  Games are won by teams and not individuals.


Remember that the opposing team is not the enemy.  If they are challenging your child in some way, it is a learning opportunity for your child.  Being challenged allows your child to learn new skills to overcome those challenges.


As parents, we need to strive to be good role models for both the players within the league as well as any visitors at the fields.  Abuse (verbal and/or physical) of any player is strictly prohibited.


Please remember to respect the referee(s) as well.  They are volunteering their time and games cannot take place without them.  It is important to remember that the referee’s decisions are final and are not subject to appeal.  Also, please note that the referee can eject anyone that they feel is disrupting the game or players at anytime.  Police can also be called out to have parents escorted off the field if necessary.  If a parent is ejected or escorted off by police, they will automatically have a 2 week suspension from all soccer activities.  Please help us to continue to provide a safe and fun environment for the kids in our league to play soccer.

Coaches' Meeting & Field Day

There is a coaches' meeting before each season and a field day to get the fields ready for the season.  All teams are required to have a representative (coach and/or parent) at both the coaches' meeting and field day.  Please let your coach know if you are interested in participating in either the coaches' meeting and/or field day.


Q: How do I know which division my child is in?

A: Please refer to the age chart.


Q: What equipment will my child need to play soccer?

A: Your child will need an age approprate size ball, shin guards, and soccer shoes.


Q: When are practices/games?

A: Please refer to our new coaches page for additional information pertaining to practices/games.

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