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League FAQs

Q: Are the Shenandoah Soccer Fields owned by EYSA?

A: No, the fields are actually owned by the City of Elgin.  EYSA covers the cost of maintaining the fields in return         for being able to use them.  However, EYSA is not allowed to make any permanent changes or updates to the       fields.


Q: How do EYSA registration fees compare to other soccer leagues?

A: See chart.












Q: How are the registration fees used each season?

A: See chart.  Other includes flyers, signs, and miscellaneous.




















Q: How does EYSA determine when to start/end the season?

A: EYSA does not have any say in when the season starts/ends.  EYSA is goverend by CAYSA.  CAYSA dictates    

      when the season starts/ends.


Q: Why doesn't EYSA use the fields on 290?

A: The fields located on 290 are actually owned by CAYSA.  EYSA has approval from CAYSA to use the fields.  

      However, we are required to pay a fee of $40 per game. So, we only utilize those fields as a last resort.

Parent FAQs

Q: How do I know which division my child is in?

A: Please refer to the age chart.


Q: What equipment will my child need to play soccer?

A: Your child will need an age approprate size ball, shin guards, and soccer shoes.


Q: When are practices/games?

A: Please refer to our new coaches page for additional information pertaining to practices/games.

Coach FAQs

Q: Is a background check required for coaches?

A: Yes, a background check is required for all coaches.


Q: Are there any requirements to be a coach?

A: All coaches must pass a background check and must be at least 18 years old.  Prior coaching or soccer  experience is preferred but not a requirement.


Q: Are coaches required to take any training?

A: While training is encouraged at any time, coaches are only required to take a coaching class after they have

      coached more than two seasons.


Q: Who should I contact when I or one of my parents have questions?

A: All questions should be directed to your age group commissioner.

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