Volunteers Needed

EYSA is completely run by volunteers.  These people generously devote their time and talents to the association week after week.  However, there is always a need for more help!


Requirements vary depending on the volunteer opportunity.  Volunteers need to be at least 18 years old (the only exception to this is referees).  Additionally, a background check is required for all coaches and STSR certification is required for all referees.

Time Commitment

The time commitment for our volunteer opportunities range from about 15 minutes to the whole season.  There really is something for everyone.


We need coaches every season.  Volunteering as a coach can be one of the most rewarding experiences.  We have coaches at all experience levels.  Whether you are new to soccer or are just looking for some new material, check out our resources for drills and training.  Please click here for additional information pertaining to this volunteer opportunity.


Referees are extremely important to the game of soccer.  They are responsible for ensuring the safety of all players and for enforcing the laws of soccer to ensure a fair game.  Click here for additional information pertaining to this volunteer opportunity.

Field Day

Each season we host "Field Day" prior to opening day.  It is a requirement that each coach and/or a parent from each team participate in this important event.  However, additional volunteers are always needed. There are all kinds of tasks that need to be completed during Field Day in order to get the fields ready for the season.  These tasks range from mowing the fields to painting them and so much more.  The more help we can get for Field Day, the less work there is for everyone.  We welcome any help on this day whether it's just an hour or until the work is done.  Please click here to find out more information for Field Day.

Field Maintenance

All of our fields must be maintained throughout the season.  Field Maintenance volunteers will assist the Field Coordinator with making sure that each field is mowed and painted prior to each game.  This can happen any time prior to the game but, it is generally done no more than a day or two before a game.  Please click here for additional information related to this volunteer opportunity.

Field Marshals

Field Marshals are intended to be a visible presence on the fields so that all spectators know that the league is observing behavior to ensure that everyone exhibits proper sideline behavior.  Field Marshals are not to get directly involved with any issue but, will serve as the "eyes" of the board.  If an issue arises, they will contact the board member(s) on duty and the board member(s) will handle the situation.  This volunteer opportunity will be extremely important for helping us maintain a positive environment at our fields.  Click here to find out additional information pertaining to this important volunteer opportunity.


Each season we host an in-house tournament.  This tournament usually spans at least 3 days.  We need volunteers to help with the various duties involved with running the tournament.  Click here to see additional information pertaining to this volunteer opportunity.

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