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Without coaches we can not have a team.  A coach can be any adult that passes a background check (prior coaching or soccer experience is preferred).  Coaches are required to take a coaching class if they coach more than two seasons.  


Practices are to be scheduled with the field coordinator.  Coaches are not to practice more than 3 hours per week.  The suggested practice lengths are to be twice a week for at least the length of the games the players will be playing.


New coaches will receive some basic supplies to get started.  Coaches are required to be on the player side of the field and no coaching from the parents side of the field is allowed.


There is a coaches meeting before each season and also a field day to get the fields ready for the season.  Each team is encouraged to send a coach or a parent to help with field day.


For any quesitons for the coaches or from parents to coaches, please contact your Age Group Commissioner.


Age Group Commissioners 2015 Spring Season:


U6: Ricardo Siller

U8: Victor Pena

U10: Mario Ruiz

U11-U18 (Traveling Teams): Maggie Almazan


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